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Q: Why does eyelash extension come off?
A: The duration of eyelash extension is related to the strength of glue, on the other hand, because eyelashes have their own growth cycle. If it is in the initial stage of growth of eyelashes, it’s still too small and too soft and can’t bear the weight of false eyelashes. When we finished grafting, it will fall off with real eyelashes. If it’s grafted to mature and come shedding of the eyelashes, it will also fall off with real eyelashes together. So some professional eyelash salon will be based on the experience of technicians to charge a different price of the service.

Q: Why don’t we provide fox fur and horse fur eyelashes extensions?
Compared with other animal’s fur that can make individual eyelashes extensions, horse fur is most soft fine material and it is not suitable for raw material of lashes extensions.
The lashes extension of fox fur is easy to deformation and that’s why we don’t choose it.

Q: Why there are differences between our sample and photo provided by customer?
We support customized hand tied strip lashes and when customer provided high-definition product photo to us, we can provide the strip lashes as similar as possible .When customer would like us to provide same lashes, please provide the samples to us.

Q: Why don’t we offer customized paper box sample which used in packed strip lashes?
When printing plant received new printing requirement, they will make a printing template for the new one and the cost of printing template is around $100 .That’s to say, the cost of sample is nearly $100 for several paper box. We have lots of experiences to offer customized paper package and will double check with customer before printing. So we don’t suggest our customer to make box sample.

Q: How to check the length of individual eyelashes extensions?

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